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What is ConserveOnline?

ConserveOnline is a meeting place for the conservation community, open to anyone who wants to find or share information relevant to conservation science and practice. Using ConserveOnline you can:

  • Post data, documents, images, maps and other resources in the ConserveOnline library.
  • Announce upcoming meetings or events and host discussions in your workspace.
  • Search for documents within a selected list of conservation organization websites.

The Nature Conservancy created and maintains ConserveOnline in collaboration with many partners. ConserveOnline is intended to help improve the practice of conservation across organizations and national boundaries.

Why should I join ConserveOnline?

You should become a member of the ConserveOnline website if you want to:

  • Contribute documents, files or other resources to the ConserveOnline library.
  • Have a workspace, calendar and discussion groups.

However, if you want to browse the library or public workspaces, you do not need to be a member of ConserveOnline.

What Is Search?

When you perform a search, the search engines will perform two types of searches:

Internal Search: If you are searching the site internally, the search engine will search:

  • The workspace name and the full text of all documents in your workspace.
  • All search terms. If you would like to highlight key concepts in your workspace and thus increase the likelihood that interested users will find your content, you can define specific search terms in your workspace by entering words or phrases into the field called Other Search Terms on the Workspace Settings page.
  • All metadata. See the frequently asked question for How can I add a file to a Library?

External Search: If you are searching the site externally, the search engine will search:

  • The External Conservations Sites and GIS Portal Content.

Can I search other Conservation organizations?

Yes. The search engine searches by default only ConserveOnline. If you want to search within the conservation sites or GIS Portal Content, select either from the dropdown list under the search area.

Can I recommend other websites to search?

Yes. Send us your recommendations using the Contact Us feedback link

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