Migrated Workspace Guide

 How is my migrated workspace laid out?

Workspace Settings:  You can edit the main workspace webpage from here.  You can change all-around workspace settings from here.

Discussions:  You can create a mini-discussion/blog within your workspace here.

Calendar:  This is a calendar specific to your workspace. 

Files & Pages:  All files and web pages in your workspace live here except for the main workspace webpage.  Only in this section can you:

  • Edit or delete keywords
  • Add files or new web pages
  • Edit or delete web pages (besides the main workspace page)

Why should I use keywords and what is better about them?

You may have noticed that there are no folders in the new ConserveOnline.  They have been replaced by keywords – these keywords can be used to organize your material in a way that gives you more flexibility than folders.  For example, if you had a document related to Kiwi bird mating habits, you might have placed it in a (two-dimensional) series of folders that would lead users to the specific information.


 In this new ConserveOnline, all the filing is one-dimensional.  This allows you to follow multiple (shorter) paths to the same information.  For example, with regard to the previous example, you only need to navigate once within “Files and Pages” in your workspace to gain access to any given piece of information. 

All three keywords shown below, when assigned to the document, will lead to the same document.

Keywords let you provide as detailed or vague an organizational structure as you need.  People who are browsing “kiwi birds” at a high level can follow one keyword while others can immediately drill down to specific information.

What happened to my workspace Web Site?

The main workspace homepage can be changed.  It can change under the left-hand menu option “Workspace Settings”.  While there are many specific fields for changing information related to your workspace, the content of the webpage can be changed (entirely) under the Content box.  You may notice a bar across the top of this box that allows you to change many things.


If you are not a web developer, then the easiest way to work on either your workspace web pages will be to lay out the text and images in Microsoft Word, then use the “Paste from Word” feature (see the right-hand buttons above).  There will be some minor formatting changes, but it will look much like the Word document and changing fonts, image size, etc. will be much simpler.

Any other web pages you want to create or edit are located under “Files and Pages”. Either create or navigate to the page you want to change, then press “Edit Page” located in the upper right-hand corner.  You can use the same content-box method (as the main workspace page) to edit these pages.

How can I make keywords work with my workspace website?

 If you want to direct workspace visitors to specific information, think about what information you would like them to visit and begin to base your workspace keywords around that information.  For example, if I have a workspace homepage, perhaps I want it to lead to three other pages:  Kiwi Bird Mating Habits, Kiwi Bird Habitats and Kiwi Bird General Information.

I would create three keywords to encompass all the files or web pages that relate to each:

  • General Information
  • Habitats
  • Mating

When I have created each webpage, I can link to each (from the main webpage) by creating a hyperlink to the appropriate Browse Files & Pages by Keyword page. 

For Example, I would create a line of text on the main workspace page that said:

“Find General Information about Kiwi Birds” that would link to the files in the “Browse Files & Pages by Keyword – Kiwi Bird General Information” page.

The most difficult part of re-designing (or setting up) your workspace will be to organize your data and deciding how to lay out your web pages.

Laying out your workspace:

One suggested approach is to draw out your pages and the organization before you get started so that you have a solid web site in mind.  Once you have a general page-to-page layout, it will be easier to decide what keywords will work the best for navigating within your workspace.  See the example below for one approach to how to lay out a few of the Science Intern Workspace pages.



Science Intern Workspace Home Page


2007 Internship Projects page (under Files & Pages)

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