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Subscriptions, RSS & Ratings Help

What is the difference between Subscribe and RSS Feed/Updates?

You can find Subscribe in the main menu and RSS Feed/Updates is found in Workspace menus.

  • When you use “Subscribe”, you sign up to receive daily updates about all ConserveOnline workspaces and/or the Library. You will receive notifications about any files or new workspaces that are created in all of ConserveOnline (which match the boxes you select under Subscriptions) via either a daily email or a RSS feed.
  • When you use RSS Feed/Updates, you sign up to receive daily RSS feed updates about all calendar/discussion/files that are added or updated for a specific workspace.
What is an RSS Feed?

RSS feeds are basically a way to receive updates outside of your email. You can receive a RSS feed through nearly any web-browser (except Internet Explorer 6) or through a standalone program. See links to standalone programs. When any new content is added or changed (which matches the interests you selected initially) it sends along a link to the new content. Please see “How do I setup a RSS feed” for more information.

How do I change my daily updates or cancel them?

You can edit your updates/subscription by:

  1. Re-subscribe with your new preferences. Go to either the Subscribe screen (for all ConserveOnline) or RSS Feed/Updates (in the workspace you want to edit) and change your preferences and follow the steps to setting up email/RSS feeds.

You can delete your updates/subscription by:

  1. For RSS: delete the feed from your web browser or RSS program. Done!
  2. For emails: Go here:


Ratings: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know

Ratings are used to measure what ConserveOnline users think of Library files. Simply described, you click on the stars next to the file description, select which rating you feel matches the file and are allowed to provide a comment with your rating.

Ratings can be removed if they are inappropriate – other users can “Flag” a rating as inappropriate. Once flagged, a flag-notice is sent to a ConserveOnline administrator and they evaluate whether it should be removed. You can not change your previous ratings or retract them without contacting a ConserveOnline administrator.

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