2006 Aerial Video Imaging Survey, Southeast Alaska (25th-30th May 2006)

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Coastal & Oceans Resources Inc.
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This survey combines the use of digital video camera technology with real-time GPS mapping to image the shoreline of areas in southeast Alaska: Revillagigedo Channel, Behm Channel,Revillagigedo Island, Annette Island, Gravina Island, southern end of Misty Fiords National Monument and southern tip of Prince of Wales Island at low tide. The unusual features of the survey are: (a) the survey was conducted during the lowest tides of the year so the entireintertidal zone is imaged; (b) the technique is not weather dependent so imagery can be collected in any conditions under which aircraft can fly and; (c) both a coastal ecologist and coastal geomorphologist were in the aircraft providing real-time commentary on intertidal features that may not be visible on the imagery.
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