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Adaptive Management Software for Conservation Projects


A workspace for Miradi tutorials, examples, and discussion among users. For more information regarding Miradi or to download the software, please visit

NEW! Miradi tutorial  

  • A Web tutorial with narrated, animated Flash Movies showing basic features and operation of Miradi

  • Step-by-step instructions with some sample project information to learn the essentials of using Miradi


  •  Miradi project files of actual projects that you can download and browse.


  • A 1-page list of Miradi "quick tips"

  • Step-by-step directions for importing your project from ConPro or a CAP workbook
  • Detailed guidance on finding and manipulating your imported project information in Miradi

TNC license code and download instructions

Guidance on Strategy Effectiveness Measures and Results Chains

  • A ConserveOnline workspace with guidance documents and presentations on strategy effectiveness measures and results chains

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