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Includes information on the field trips and other interesting documents on Borneo.
APEX 2007, The Nature Conservancy Asia-Pacific team's first conservation learning exchange, was held in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia in December of 2007. Enclosed are the final meeting agenda, workshop/presentation materials as made available by discussion leaders & presenters. The conference agenda can serve as a guide for those seeking to view specific presentations and meeting summaries (only where available). Each presentation/workshop has been assigned a number on the agenda in chronological order of appearance at the conference. This same number will be in the description of their powerpoint presentations, abstracts etc.
Folder provides links to information useful for APEX's many sessions. (if you have information or links you want made available for your session, please send email to Example includes documents that would best be read before arriving in Balikpapan.
Folder contains agenda and links to MARXAN website. This course will facilitate the communication and understanding of the development of Marxan, the World’s most utilized conservation planning tool, to a core group of conservation planners around the World. In addition, the course will encourage the use of innovative methods in conservation planning and address ways to overcome the associated challenges.
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