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A workspace for the TNC Metadata Content Standard.


Since the Nature Conservancy invests heavily in the collection, analysis and creation of geospatial data, metadata standards are fundamental to our mission. By implementing basic standards for metadata, we will see a greater return on geospatial data investment including:

  • Increased efficiency for data management and data aggregation
  • Increased ability to share data internally
  • Increased utility of datasets
  • Increased data quality control
  • Reduced risk of liability for misuse of data
  • Reduced risk of copyright infringement
  • Greater ability to advertise and publish key data to partners and the public

The following link provides a detailed metadata standard for TNC. The standard includes a content standard, keyword thesaurus and standard operating procedures. As these standards are implemented, and metadata are developed across the organization, TNC will have the ability to catalog and publish its geospatial data holdings (see ).

The TNC Metadata Content Standard

To assist data managers with implementation of the standard, we have provided the following TNC-specific templates, tools, training materials and examples.


Metadata Templates

Metadata Tools

Metadata Training Resources

Metadata Examples

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