Default IconSpatial Portfolio Optimization Tool (SPOT)

The Spatial Optimization Tool (SPOT) is an ArcView 3.x-enabled tool that supports ecoregional assessments and decision support processes. It creates a solution based on cost parameters described by the users. Here you can download the software, user guides and more.


  • SPOT (please review the license file prior to downloading)
  •  (SPOT predecesor, version at Conserveonline)
  • MARXAN (external site)


  • (English, PDF, 600 Kb, Nov 2003)
  • (Español, PDF, 775 Kb, Nov 2003)
  • (English, PPT, 350 Kb, Mar 2004)
  • (Español, PPT, 370 Kb, Mar 2004)
  • (XLS, 20 Kb, Aug 2004)
  • (Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, zip file 4.5 Mb)



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