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This workspace is being built to provide access to presentations and proceedings of The Nature Conservancy's 2006 Conservation Strategies Conference.  We will build this workspace as material becomes available.  Already several separate workspaces have been launched to continue collaboration and learning that began in conference workshops. 

Wideranging Species Conservation Working Group

Ecosystem Services


Meauring the Conservation Management Status Component of Effective Conservation.

We expect additional workspaces to be launched to follow up the Conference.

The conference was designed to build energy for, and address practical implications of, implementing three current organizational priorities set out in The Nature Conservancy’s Guiding Framework for the 2015 Goal:

Defining a Compelling Conservation Agenda

Setting priorities, developing strategies, and developing measures at local to global scales

Building a Constituency for Conservation

Engaging influential others around the connection between biodiversity conservation and human prosperity

Expanding our Conservation Impact

Achieving tangible on-the-ground results at scale, strengthening and sharing our capabilities across borders and with partners, and broadening partnerships



Conference Sponsors

Brad Northrup, Managing Director, Conservation Strategies Group

Nigel Purvis, Managing Director, External Affairs

Philip Tabas, General Counsel

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